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Click any picture & walk with us through the Holy Land

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Swimming in the Sea of Galilee (0:17)
Dancing on ship as we sailed the Sea of Galilee (0:06)
Druze Leader, Mayor of Mt. Carmel, Israel (0:57)
Worshiping at Carmel Assembly, Mt. Carmel, Israel (0:21)
Jerusalem Day 2016 celebrating 49th anniversary of 6 Day War (0:52)
Worshiping on Mt. of Olives (0:13)
Baptism in Jordan River, Shofar blowing, 2016 (0:44)
Snorkeling in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aquba, 2016 (0:13)   Yaron Sachs baptizes Daniel Wade (0:17)
Tale of two Seas: Dead Sea & Sea of Galilee (1:12)
Greetings from Israel PM Netanyahu (1:29)
Overview of Israel by Israel Ministry of Tourism (4.32)
Discover Israel by Israel Ministry of Tourism (14.11)
Jerusalem: 4000 yrs. In 5 Min. (5:15)
Klavan’s One State Solution  (3:29)
Fun Facts (6:18)
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